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Coffee or Tea?

A couple weeks ago I ordered two customized mugs for Kalea and I! They just arrived in the mail and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.  If you’re like me, it can be difficult to think of ideas to add to products like these.  When ever I go to the Clay Cafe in Ward Center, it takes me sooo long to decide what to paint!  When I ordered these mugs, I decided to have the meaning of our names printed on them.

Kalea’s name is of Hawaiian origin and means bright and clear, much like the stars in the sky.  Kalea’s name is perfect for him because he is the smartest sea turtle I know!  He is always looking out for his family and friends.

My name is of Japanese origin and means good and positive.  I think the meaning of my name fits me well because I always try to look at life from a positive angle.  🙂  I can’t wait to drink my favorite tea in my new mug!



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SYTYCD Contest

The other day I had some down time because I woke up late and missed out on a hike with friends.  I decided to have a lazy morning and flipped on the television.  I saw this great commercial on KHON2… they are giving away two tickets, airfare, and hotel to the So You Think You Can Dance finale!!  I’ve only seen that show a couple of times but I enjoy it because of the high energy that comes from the contestants and judges.  I called Yoko right away and convinced her that we should both enter! All you needed to do was create at 15 second video for Hawaiian Tel FCU (another sponsor of the contest).  The video challenge was to create a “Happy Dance” which is what the folks over at HiTel FCU call their dances in their commercials.

Yoko came over, and we put up a black sheet on my wall for a backdrop.  She went first, and I video taped her dance.  After my video was finished, we posted them to YouTube and submitted them to the contest.  The winner is determined by public vote, so make sure you all go to the website to vote for our video!!

Here are our submissions!

Sports Festival Anticipation

Aloha Everyone! Kalea here! I know Yoko already mentioned we are going to the ESPN 1420 Sports Festival later this month, but I wanted to talk more about why I am so excited!  The festival has an area called the “golf oasis”…just the name of the feature is making me jump up and down! I love to golf because it’s incredibly relaxing.  I love to swim around in the ponds between holes to cool off, and it’s so much fun to drive the golf carts around!

Here is a picture of one of my favorite golf courses in Ewa Beach:

We will post after the festival to let you all know how it went!



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Kalea and I just purchased two tickets to the ESPN 1420 Sports Festival! We haven’t been out to an event like this in a long time!  We are excited to make new friends and to try out all the cool sports the festival will showcase.  I am especially excited to try out the rock climbing wall because we all know how much I LOVE heights!



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Hello World!


Oh my goodness oh my goodness! Hi there Yoko here writing on behalf of my good friend Kalea and myself.  Kalea would type but he is far too excited to string together a proper sentence! Anyway, we can’t wait to share our stores and adventures with the world! Stay tuned because we have so much to say and endless bandwith to use!

Talk to you all soon!
Yoko and Kalea

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How We Met

Yoko is the most adventurous lady bug in all of Oahu.  She loves seeing new places and feeling the refreshing trade winds flow beneath her wings.  On one bright Hawaiian day, Yoko challenged herself to fly from Oahu to Kauai—a daring feat that no other lady bugs had previously attempted, and was determined to be the first lady bug to ever make the trip.  She thought, if airplanes could make the trip, why couldn’t she?

Meanwhile, off the shore of Kauai, Kalea, the lonely sea turtle, was swimming near the Lihue coast.  He too loved journeying to new places and often witnessed the most beautiful shorelines untouched by man.  Kalea longed to share these great voyages with a friend, but alas, sea turtles do not often travel together.  Kalea was just pondering this lonely thought when he saw a tiny speck in the sky.  He focused his attention to this curious speck and noticed it was growing larger…the tiny speck, whatever it was, was falling!  Kalea swam to the falling speck and realized it was a little lady bug. He gracefully caught the unconscious lady bug on his shell then patiently waited for her to come back around.

When Yoko regained consciousness, she thanked Kalea over and over again.  The pair spent the rest of the day coasting Kauai, marveling at the majestic mountains and white sandy beaches, and stopping for the occasional tourist to snap their photo.  Yoko and Kalea soon found they both shared a passion for adventure and travel.  Since that day, the two friends were inseprable!

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