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Kapiolani Radiothon

Good Afternoon everyone!! Last Friday we had the most amazing opportunity to help out at the Kapiolani Radiothon for Kids!  The radiothon went on for two days and had great people volunteering like the crew from KSSK, Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union and Sam’s Club!  We got to man the phone bank for a few minutes before we made our rounds in the hospital.  This fundraiser is really great because 100% of the money raised stays in the hospital and goes toward enriching programs for the kids.  No child is EVER turned away from the care of Kapiolani Children’s Hospital.  Check out some of our photos from the event below:

Doing our part in the phone bank!

Hanging out with the KSSK Crew: Perry & Price and Sweetie!

Where are all the doctors??

We had a great time making new friends!

This amazing kitchen staff cooked up the BEST breakfast for the volunteers!

Not only does helping out really make you feel good, it’s SO MUCH FUN!  We encourage all of our readers to do some research in their communities to see what local organizations need some help!



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A Necklace Story

Looking down at my necklace always reminds me of one of my favorite memories of my adventures with Kalea.  A couple of days after Kalea saved me from my fall, we were out on the south shore of Oahu surfing.  The tide was low, and at the time my necklace was on a much longer chain.  The surf kept lifting my necklace up so I almost lost it a few times.  Kalea shouted over the loud surf that I should have left it on the shore with our other things.  But I couldn’t.  This necklace is a family heirloom.  When I was little, my grandma told me a story about my great grandmother and it went something like this:

A long time ago, my great-grandmother was outside of her house tending to her garden.  Great-grandma’s garden was always flourishing with bright red torch ginger and heavenly scents like gardenia and plumeria filling the air.  On this particular day, a small gecko was walking through the neighborhood and stopped to appreciate great-grandma’s garden.  He had a look of a bittersweet happiness about him, so great-grandma asked, “What troubles you young gecko?”  He said he longed to start a garden of his own, but had no money to do so.  Great-grandma was a firm believer in helping out your neighbors and also believed surrounding yourself with nature’s natural beauty could bring happiness to your every day life.  So, she says, here I will give you one of my torch ginger plants, as well as $1.30 to buy his own plants from the local gardening store.  The young gecko was so grateful he said, “I’ll pay you back I promise!”  Great-grandma thought nothing of his promise because she just wanted to help the young boy.

A couple of weeks later, the young gecko returned to great-grandma’s garden with a beautiful pendant that shimmered with silver and blue.  He said he had made it especially for her.  Great-grandma was so touched; she always kept the pendant safe.  She passed the necklace down to my grandma, and my grandma passed it to me as a reminder of how important it is to help others.

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My Weekend

This weekend was great! Like Yoko said, on Saturday I went to cast my vote in the Primary Elections!  It was a perfect sunny day so I met up with my buddies after voting to hit the beach.

On Sunday, one of my friends planned a BBQ at his house in Kailua.  We got there early so we were able to take over his awesome pool before everyone else showed up.  His pool is perfect for parties because there is a large seating area that’s shallow enough to just lay back on.  Several of my friends are really good cooks so of course the spread was awesome! We had steaks, chicken, poke, lau lau, pasta and more!  There was so much food and so much leftovers.  I took some food home and it looks like I’ll be having lau lau and steak for lunch for the next week or so!

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Weekend Recap:

On Saturday Primary Elections took place here in Hawaii.  Elections in Hawaii are always exciting, and it’s interesting to hear what the candidates– especially newcomers– have to say.  This year, the hottest topic is the rail project.  The rail is a $5.26 billion project that was favored by two candidates, Peter Carlisle and Kirk Caldwell.  Kalea prefers to swim and I like to fly, so until they have an underwater rail like the Eurotunnel or a fixed rail connecting the islands, we’ll stay out of the debate.  It must be so hard to be a politician because you can never please everyone.  Kalea met up with me at our polling place and I snapped this quick picture of him while he was in the booth:

Later that evening, a couple of girlfriends and I went to dinner and to the Alice in Wonderland Ballet at the Neil Blaisdell Concert Hall.  We had great seats right near the center of the stage.  My friends and I LOVE Alice in Wonderland, the Disney version and Tim Burton’s version! We couldn’t wait to see this great story translated into a ballet!   When the lights dimmed, the director of Hawaii Ballet came out to introduce the creator of the ballet and director of the Washington Ballet, Septime Webre.  Mr. Webre told us the story of how this ballet came to be what it is today…he had actually been reading the original novel by Lewis Carroll here on a beach in Hawaii when he realized that the book would make an incredible ballet.  From that initial inspiration, his beautiful ballet unfolded.

Watching the ballet was like being in a dream.  The backdrops were made on some type of thin and wispy material, painted in bold colors and enhanced with stage lighting.  The soft wind blowing on the backdrops really made them seem like they were alive.  The dancers wore costumes designed in brilliant colors with sequence everywhere; there were flamingos, hedgehogs, doors, cards, roses, birds, and the usual suspects like the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and of course, Alice.  Now all the dancers danced beautifully, but Alice was exceptional.  She did leaps effortlessly and did endless pirouettes so gracefully.  It was impossible to take your eyes away from her!  In the middle of Act I, I found myself actually holding my breath because I was trying to take everything on stage in at once.  The ballet was absolutely sensational!



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