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Beach Clean Up

Sand Island beach is a great spot for barbecues, jet skiing, and canoeing!  It’s hard to truly appreciate the beauty of this beach because most of the time you will find trash floating near the shore, and more trash in the sand and near the picnic area.  So, when our friend asked us to join their beach clean up, Yoko and I were more than happy to participate.

Around 10am on Saturday, Yoko and I met up with a small group of friends, and armed with trash bags, gloves, and SPF 50, we split up into groups and tackled different areas of the beach.

A friend and I took on the grassy area near the picnic tables.  We were appalled at the amount of cigarette butts we found!  Some of them were there for so long, they started to decompose!  We also found tons of cola bottles, napkins, food wrappers, and the occasional surprising item like a piece of carpet, or plastic bucket.  In just two hours, a group of about 15 people were able to significantly improve the aesthetics of Sand Island Beach.  If we could achieve so much in such a short amount of time, imagine how great the beach would look if everyone did their part and put their trash in the appropriate receptacle!

After the clean up, we enjoyed a quick lunch and a dip in the ocean.  Who knew cleaning up could be so fun?



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Chinaman’s Hat

Destination: Chinaman’s Hat!

Hey everyone! We had a great adventure the other day out on the Windward side of the island.  Going out to Kualoa is always a great experience.  The mountains are deep green, the mist is cool and the beaches are always deserted.  This particular day, we took a canoe from Kualoa beach park to Chinaman’s Hat!   The paddle there was quick, it only took about 15 minutes, and of course I swam by the canoe and cheered everyone on! It was my first time actually stepping foot on the island, but I have swam by the island before.  The island has a small beach on the far side of it with a little alcove, perfect for a small picnic.

View from the top of Chinaman’s Hat!

We made the fun (but dangerous) climb to the top of Chinaman’s Hat, and WOW Oahu looks amazing from this perspective!  The movie JurassicPark comes to mind because you really feel like you’re in prehistoric world!  After the climb, we went back down to the alcove and had a small snack in the warm sun.

I have to say this day was just about perfect.



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