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Explorer for a Day

This past weekend really made me happy!  After the vog cleared I could finally spread my wings and zoom around the bright blue Hawaiian skies.  We knew we were in for a weekend packed with amazing weather, so I suggested to Kalea that we spend the weekend exploring the real north shore.  We vowed to stay away from touristy areas and venture to new beaches!

Our first stop was the beach by the surf break called Leftovers.  It’s really hard to explain where this beach is, which is why the beach is almost always deserted.   The reef near the shore breaks up the rough waves and makes a nice little area to swim around.  There is plenty of shade from near by trees too!


From leftovers we made our way further north to Turtle Bay.  Kalea insisted we go there…he was expecting to run into a bunch of his friends!  Turns out Turtle Bay is the name of a gorgeous resort.  Although there aren’t too many turtles at the bay, the views are just incredible!

Turtle Bay

We laid out on the sand to relax, and I took this great picture of palm trees against the perfectly blue sky!

After Turtle Bay, we ventured even further north to Malaekahana.  Talk about an amazing beach!  There wasn’t another soul in sight, and though the beach is riddled with rocks and coral, there are large pockets of soft sand for swimming.  The landscape of Malaekahana is quite unique.  There are two small islands just offshore (it looks like you’d be able to walk to the island during low tide) and there are remains of some sort of structure left in the water.  I flew to the top of one of these remains and Kalea took a picture:

While we were relaxing at Malaekahana, we noticed a great picnic area in the nearby park!  We made a mental note to plan a picnic with our friends for the next time we come!

After hanging out at Malaekahana for a bit, we back tracked and went to visit Kahuku Farms.  They had a giant sign that said “FARM TOURS” and we wanted to go on one so badly, but the tours didn’t start until later that afternoon.  Instead, we bought a papaya and coconut smoothie, and a jar of their homemade lilikoi butter (made with lilikoi juice from their own farm)!  I can’t wait to use the butter on toast for a sweet breakfast!

Kahuku Farm

We want to encourage everyone to go out and explore their own “backyards”!  You really never know what kind of gems you will find in places you think you know well.  Kalea and I left the north shore on this day feeling so lucky that we live in such a beautiful place.  🙂

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