Monthly Archives: April 2013

HiTel FCU’s Annual Dinner

As members of Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union, we attended their Oahu Annual Dinner this past Saturday.  Those folks at HiTel FCU sure know how to put on a good celebration!  After the Annual Meeting adjourned, Augie came on stage and gave away tons and tons of door prizes ranging from everything to a digital kitchen scale to gift cards to a grand prize trip for two to Las Vegas! Kalea and I wanted to win so badly, but luck was not on our side!

After the meeting we went into the beautiful Coral Ballroom where the tables were set-up so beautifully!  Each place setting had an embossed drinking glass that looked like it could be vintage!  Shortly after we finished admiring the gorgeous glasses,  a group of servers emerged from the kitchens and our dinner began.  We feasted on seven delectable dishes, each more delicious than the last.  During our meal, the talented Taimane Gardner played her unique sounds on her ukulele.  After eating all we could possibly eat, Dita Holifield took the stage with her band.  Dita is an amazing country singer and she had us singing along to some of our favorite tunes.

Later in the evening, Dita asked for volunteers to do some line dancing, and of course Kalea and I stood up right away!  Dita was prepared with a cowboy hat for every participant!  She taught us how to do simple steps to songs like “Sweet Home Alabama”.  I had so much fun watching Kalea, he doesn’t dance often and his flippers were having trouble keeping up!  He just ended up creating his own moves, and we had a great time!  We can’t wait for next year’s dinner!