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Weathering the Storm

Hey, everyone, Kalea here!  Have you all been staying safe and dry this week?  Monday was quite a day for Yoko and me, as I am sure it has been for a lot of you too!  Tropical Storm Kilo passed below our islands and left behind a downpour of rain on Monday and a little on Tuesday too.  Some places even got flooded or lost power!  Thankfully, Yoko and I were prepared and equipped ourselves with raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas.

Did you know that during this hurricane season alone, the Pacific has had more than 10 different hurricane/storm systems?  That is a lot!  Have you ever wondered how they keep track of them all?

Well, the National Hurricane Center actually has multiple, alphabetical lists of names that are already picked out and cycled through to last for 6 years.  Then the list is reused again and again.  Have you ever noticed that a lot of the Pacific storms have Hawaiian names?  That’s because the National Hurricane Center has different lists, depending on the location of the storm.  The Pacific has its own set of lists as does the Atlantic.  They even have a list of retired hurricane names!

So, why do they name the storm systems?  Simply put, it is to better keep track of the storms.  Instead of using their formal name (which includes their latitude-longitude and can be confusing), they use simple names that are easy to remember.  It’s very helpful, especially if there is more than one storm going on at the same time!

Kilo may be far away from us now, but the hurricane season is not over.  Tropical Storm Ignacio is just around the corner, so be sure to take any necessary precautions to prepare.  Stay safe, everyone!



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