Halloween on a Budget

I smell some chocolate

Hi, Yoko and Kalea here!

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s hard to believe there are 11 days left before Halloween 2017!

Since Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, let’s make the most of the two weekends left in October before Halloween season comes to a close.

Here’s are some tips on how to celebrate Halloween on a budget:

  • For costumes try shopping at second hand or thrift stores. They’re a great place to find a costume at a fraction of the retail price. One year we went to Savers and found our 80’s costume out of all the clothes there!
  • Buy your candy right before the scary night. Most places will put their candy on sale right before Halloween.
  • Decorate your house with items that you already have! Toilet paper is always a good mummy maker. Just reuse it after! We’re just kidding! There are endless possibilities!
  • For Halloween parties, shop the sales at your local grocery store. Bake your own ghoulish cupcakes instead of buying them from the bakery, mix your own ghastly Frankenstein punch, and make your own goblin grub!

Although a lot of the Halloween items out there appeal to your nightmarish side, keep in mind that Halloween doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Shop smart and keep those dollars in your pocket for the next two expensive holidays coming soon – Thanksgiving and Christmas! Follow Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union’s  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates, news, and more interesting articles!


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