National Water Quality Month

Hey, there!  It’s me, Kalea!

Did you know that August is National Water Quality Month?  This month, we are reminded of the importance of water conservation and protecting our water sources.

Water is not just important to honus like me, but to all living things on this planet, including you!  Unfortunately, not everyone has access to fresh water, and in some places, fresh water sources are depleting.  This is why learning about water conservation and quality is so important.

Lucky we live Hawaii—did you know that our volcanoes are a major factor in why we have access to fresh, clean water?  Beneath our islands are large slabs of volcanic rock.  These rocks, called aquifers, act as filters that naturally help to purify groundwater.

Here especially on Oahu, we have huge aquifers just underneath Pearl Harbor.  The process of a single rain drop making its way down into the ground and flowing through an extensive maze of volcanic rock that is the aquifer can take years!  It sounds like a lot of work and a long time for just a single drop of water, but don’t worry—an average of two BILLION gallons of water can fall on Oahu in a day!

As water is continuously flowing and collecting within the aquifer, sometimes fresh water can break through in the form of a spring.  Today, we have access to this fresh, purified water thanks to wells and tunnels.

The way that our island purifies water is very special, which is why it’s so important for us to conserve.  Our water is safe enough to drink straight from the tap, a luxury that many places around the world does not have.  Some places go through great measures just to get clean, safe drinking water.

Now that you know how we get our fresh water, here are some easy things you can do at home to make sure our fresh water can continue on for generations:

Grandmother and granddaughter washing utensil in kitchen sink

Turn the Tap Off
Whether you’re brushing your teeth or washing the dishes, if you don’t need to use the water right then and there, turn the tap off!  The water doesn’t need to run while you’re brushing your teeth or scrubbing the dishes.  Turning the water back on just when you’re ready to rinse can save you from wasting water.

child watering a tree

Water Your Plants
Watering your plants is a great way to recycle water that you aren’t using or don’t need.  Say you need to clean out your fish tank.  Instead of dumping your fish tank water down a drain, water your plants!  Fish tank water is full of nutrients that are good for plants.

Is it time for your dog to have a bath?  Bathe your pets outdoors on your lawn.  Not only is your pet getting clean, but your lawn is getting watered at the same time!

Cleaning up after a party and looking for a place to dump your excess ice from the cooler?  You can dump your ice near your plants to help water them.

baby boy taking a bath

Take Showers Instead of Baths
Did you know that a full bathtub can hold up to 70 gallons of water?  That’s a lot!  If you don’t need to take a bubble bath, take a shower instead.  You can still get clean, and in a shorter amount of time too.


 Mother And Daughter Loading DishwasherConsolidate
Only wash full loads of laundry, and don’t run a dishwasher unless it’s full.  The less loads you have to do, the less water you will have to use.

Conserving water is so easy to do, you might already be doing these things yourself at home.  There are so many other ways to save water.  What else can you do to promote water conservation?



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