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Cool Summer Salad – SOMEN


Happy Birthday America! Imagine being 239 years old. That begs for a celebration for sure. This holiday weekend we had lots of grilling, marinating, chilling and freezing. It is such a production but when you see satisfaction and delight on everyone’s faces as they partake in the feast – it all feels worth the work.

These past few weeks it has been extremely hot. In planning for the 4th we knew we would have to have some cold dishes. Yes, cold watermelon, cold potato salad or cold desserts are good but nothing like cool somen noodles.

Here in Hawaii we love our noodle dishes. I don’t think any party, buffet or plate lunch house doesn’t have some type of noodle dish. As a young girl I fancied vinegar. Shoyu, sugar and vinegar was a go to mix for vine ripened mango and guava. At an aunts house I tried somen salad and I was in love. However as I grew up I quickly found out that not all somen’s were made equal. I’ve tried many recipes, pre-made bottle sauces and non-compared to aunty’s sauce. This is a winner, tried and true potluck dish you would want to share.


2 Bundles somen noodles

½ Lettuce head sliced julienne style

You can also chop your veggies!

Cooked Meat sliced julienne style (Char siu, ham, spam, luncheon meat)

2 Cooked scrambled egg sliced julienne style

1 Kamaboku sliced julienne style

2 Carrots sliced julienne style

1 Cucumber sliced julienne style

Green Onions chopped (enough to sprinkle as garnish)

Toasted Sesame Seeds (enough to sprinkle as garnish)


Individual serving cups with chiso or lettuce cups

You can also try individual serving cups with chiso leaves or lettuce cups.

1 T oil

2 T sesame oil

¼ C vinegar

½ C sugar

½ C shoyu


Boil noodles according to package instructions. Drain. Rinse until cool. Drain well. Grab a serving of noodles (fist size) and twirl into a ball. Continue to make single serving balls to cover the bottom of a large platter. Layer vegetables, meat and egg over the noodles. Sprinkle with green onions and sesame seeds. Combine ingredients for the sauce. Mix well. Allow guests to put their own sauce.


Vegetables are normally in this order: Lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, meat, eggs and garnish with green onions and sesame seeds.

I’ve made it where each topping item was in a separate dish where guests could make their own.

I’ve tossed the entire dish together with the sauce. I do it this way only when I know I will not keep the leftovers or there will be no leftovers. Noodles sitting in sauce over night is not good. It gets mushy and spoiled fast.

My favorite is to make a pretty design. Lettuce is key. You can never have enough lettuce, so I sometimes layer the lettuce like a hedge around the dish covering half of the noodle surface. I then place the vegetables strategically such as a row of cucumbers, a row of carrots, a row of kamaboko, row of egg, row of meat and repeat until the entire surface is covered. Then sprinkle the garnish.

Another favorite topping is ocean salad. I love the crunch and salt that it brings to the dish. Just beware that your noodles will turn green wherever the salad is sitting. If your guests are familiar with ocean salad – no big deal. If not, you may want to leave on the side so they can add as garnish.

Noodles do not have to be twirled into a ball. I do that because the noodles can be a little sticky and it helps when guests serve themselves. It also gives me a good idea of how many servings I have.

I also like serving the noodles in a large glass bowl. I can quickly tell if too much water has settled from the vegetables and if too much sauce is sitting on the bottom.

The sauce, if served separately works well in a salad shaker bottle or condiment bottle where it can be shaken before application. The oils will separate and you will need to give it a nice shake.

I also double the dressing recipe. If you toss the salad yourself – the ratio is perfect. However, when guests serve themselves they tend to use more. It is so delicious that they just can’t help themselves!

Enjoy ♥

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2014 School Tools Recap

On Saturday, June 28th, a group of HiTel FCU employees rounded up to help out at the School Tools Drive at the Pearl City Sam’s Club. Our volunteers partnered up with staff from Helping Hands Hawaii and KITV to collect generous donations from shoppers as they were entering and exiting. Both Yoko and Kalea made a special appearance to meet and greet shoppers alike. Collectively over the weekend, according to KITV, we all raised $7,343! We would like to thank everyone who generously donated supplies, money and their time.

To view more photos from the event, visit our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/hitelfcu

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Kapiolani Radiothon

Good Afternoon everyone!! Last Friday we had the most amazing opportunity to help out at the Kapiolani Radiothon for Kids!  The radiothon went on for two days and had great people volunteering like the crew from KSSK, Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union and Sam’s Club!  We got to man the phone bank for a few minutes before we made our rounds in the hospital.  This fundraiser is really great because 100% of the money raised stays in the hospital and goes toward enriching programs for the kids.  No child is EVER turned away from the care of Kapiolani Children’s Hospital.  Check out some of our photos from the event below:

Doing our part in the phone bank!

Hanging out with the KSSK Crew: Perry & Price and Sweetie!

Where are all the doctors??

We had a great time making new friends!

This amazing kitchen staff cooked up the BEST breakfast for the volunteers!

Not only does helping out really make you feel good, it’s SO MUCH FUN!  We encourage all of our readers to do some research in their communities to see what local organizations need some help!



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My Weekend

This weekend was great! Like Yoko said, on Saturday I went to cast my vote in the Primary Elections!  It was a perfect sunny day so I met up with my buddies after voting to hit the beach.

On Sunday, one of my friends planned a BBQ at his house in Kailua.  We got there early so we were able to take over his awesome pool before everyone else showed up.  His pool is perfect for parties because there is a large seating area that’s shallow enough to just lay back on.  Several of my friends are really good cooks so of course the spread was awesome! We had steaks, chicken, poke, lau lau, pasta and more!  There was so much food and so much leftovers.  I took some food home and it looks like I’ll be having lau lau and steak for lunch for the next week or so!

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Weekend at Waimea

We hope everyone had a great weekend!! Kalea, a few friends and I went to the North Shore this weekend!  The skies were a bit overcast, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  Our first stop was Waimea Bay.  This has got to be one of our favorite beaches.  The sand is perfect, the water is beautiful, and it’s so fun to watch people leap off that giant rock! I wanted to get a picture of the beautiful beach, but I think Kalea took that a little too literally…he cut me off in every pictures he took! Lol!

After the beach we stopped at Matsumoto Shave Ice to cool down.  Kalea ordered his favorite, rainbow flavor.  I went with  li hing vanilla with condensed milk! Mmm!

After shave ice, we headed home for a nice long nap.  What did you do this weekend?

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ESPN 1420 Festival Recap

The Sports Festival was tons of fun! I tried out as many activities as I could.

At the Golf Oasis I got a hole in one!

Street Hockey is a lot more difficult than I thought… it’s a good thing I didn’t have to wear inline skates!

After hockey, we walked to the wrestling ring to check out the action!  About 10 wrestlers got into the ring at one time and fought each other until there was one champion left standing!

After all of that excitement, I had to order one of  my favorite drinks…bubble tea!

The activities were loads of fun, but the best part was making new friends.  I met so many new people at this festival and I hope they found this blog okay!  I really want them to join our adventures!

Aloha until next time,


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Coffee or Tea?

A couple weeks ago I ordered two customized mugs for Kalea and I! They just arrived in the mail and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.  If you’re like me, it can be difficult to think of ideas to add to products like these.  When ever I go to the Clay Cafe in Ward Center, it takes me sooo long to decide what to paint!  When I ordered these mugs, I decided to have the meaning of our names printed on them.

Kalea’s name is of Hawaiian origin and means bright and clear, much like the stars in the sky.  Kalea’s name is perfect for him because he is the smartest sea turtle I know!  He is always looking out for his family and friends.

My name is of Japanese origin and means good and positive.  I think the meaning of my name fits me well because I always try to look at life from a positive angle.  🙂  I can’t wait to drink my favorite tea in my new mug!



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Kalea and I just purchased two tickets to the ESPN 1420 Sports Festival! We haven’t been out to an event like this in a long time!  We are excited to make new friends and to try out all the cool sports the festival will showcase.  I am especially excited to try out the rock climbing wall because we all know how much I LOVE heights!



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How We Met

Yoko is the most adventurous lady bug in all of Oahu.  She loves seeing new places and feeling the refreshing trade winds flow beneath her wings.  On one bright Hawaiian day, Yoko challenged herself to fly from Oahu to Kauai—a daring feat that no other lady bugs had previously attempted, and was determined to be the first lady bug to ever make the trip.  She thought, if airplanes could make the trip, why couldn’t she?

Meanwhile, off the shore of Kauai, Kalea, the lonely sea turtle, was swimming near the Lihue coast.  He too loved journeying to new places and often witnessed the most beautiful shorelines untouched by man.  Kalea longed to share these great voyages with a friend, but alas, sea turtles do not often travel together.  Kalea was just pondering this lonely thought when he saw a tiny speck in the sky.  He focused his attention to this curious speck and noticed it was growing larger…the tiny speck, whatever it was, was falling!  Kalea swam to the falling speck and realized it was a little lady bug. He gracefully caught the unconscious lady bug on his shell then patiently waited for her to come back around.

When Yoko regained consciousness, she thanked Kalea over and over again.  The pair spent the rest of the day coasting Kauai, marveling at the majestic mountains and white sandy beaches, and stopping for the occasional tourist to snap their photo.  Yoko and Kalea soon found they both shared a passion for adventure and travel.  Since that day, the two friends were inseprable!

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